lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

False Overhand Shuffle by Jason England

The Overhand Shuffle is a staple move in the fundamentals of card magic.
The deck is held in one hand, and cards are pulled one over the other to create a truly random order throughout the deck. Or is it?
Step inside for a closer look at arguably one of the most useful and practical techniques for the professional performer: The Overhand False Shuffle.
Learn the ins and outs of controlling single cards on top, bottom, slugs of cards on top and bottom, Larry Jennings' touch on the jog shuffle, a full deck control, and much more in 35 minutes of intricate detail.
It's no secret that the Overhand False Shuffle has been published in many different sources spanning centuries of time. However, never before has there been a video resource consolidating many of the techniques scattered throughout literature while matching the expertise and technique of Jason England.
A rare look in examination of The Expert At The Card Table and the Erdnase system of Cull Shuffling.

                                                Parte 1
                                                Parte 2
                                                Parte 3

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